• Commander's Log: Farewell

    Maj. Gen. Christopher Azzano bids a farewell message to the Airmen of Air Force Test Center.
  • Women in test history

    Women’s history month plays an important part in the highlighting achievements that may have been buried throughout history. Just as they have in other fields, women pioneers have played a major role in the aerospace field, particularly at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
  • Commander's Log: Onward!

    A year ago today, the Department of Defense initiated “lock-down” procedures in response to COVID-19. For many of us, this action marked the official beginning of the pandemic. Few imagined how the year might play out, with the worst public health crisis in a century, deeply concerning social discord, and a challenge to the foundation of our democracy. A year later, AFTC has weathered some very difficult times, and we are emerging stronger than ever as we deliver Air, Space, and Cyber power for our Nation. As we move boldly onward, I’d like to share a few thoughts in anticipation of a better year ahead.
  • Commander's Log: Happy Holidays!

    The holidays are upon us! Your hard work has made 2020 another spectacularly successful year across the Test enterprise. My holiday wish for you is a well-deserved break to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the peace you help secure every day.
  • Commander's Log: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Air Force Test Center teammates, over the last few months, I’ve visited nearly half of AFTC’s 70+ units across Arnold, Edwards, and Eglin.  Witnessing first hand your success and resilience, I’m continually reminded of the privilege it is to be part of the AFTC family. As we approach Thanksgiving 2020, I want you to know how thankful I am for each of you and your families.  You could be doing many other things with your lives, but you’re serving together in AFTC during difficult times, making our Nation safer and more secure.  Thank you!
  • Commander's Log: Committed to Full-Spectrum Resilience

    Despite the challenges of 2020, AFTC is delivering for our Nation! We’ve given the Air Force a tremendous opportunity to Accelerate Change with the standup of AFTC Detachment 1, the Multi-Domain Test Force. We conducted the first selection board for the new Space Test Fundamentals course to begin January 2021 at our own Test Pilot School. We closed out a chaotic fiscal year 2020, Forging our Nation’s Sword and Shield by executing over 700 test programs each day. And we battled natural disasters and a pandemic, hosted the only Airshow in the Air Force this year, and kept our Airmen ready to fight. Your resilience has been extraordinary, and your commitment nothing short of heroic. Thank you!
  • McKinley Climatic Laboratory home to world’s largest climatic chamber

    The McKinley Climatic Laboratory has been conducting climatic testing for the Department of Defense for more than 73 years. 
  • Commander's Log: Celebrating Our Nation's Birthday

    Air Force Test Center Team, two-hundred and forty-four years ago in a time of crisis, fifty-six delegates gathered at the Second Continental Congress to institute a government founded on humanity’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  You, Airmen of the Test Center and your families, continue to defend these very same ideals.  I thank you, and all those who have served, for your commitment and sacrifice.
  • Commander's Log: Freedom & Equality

    Air Force Test Center Family, this is a deeply troubling time for our Nation.  Even as we struggle to unite in our fight against COVID-19, we find the fabric of society stretched thin by racial inequality and senseless violence, at times involving those in our communities who have sworn to protect and defend us.  Many of you are concerned about your safety and the impact this divisiveness could have on your loved ones.  There is much uncertainty today, and no better time to renew our commitment to each other and to our shared values.
  • Commander's Log: RtFC & Memorial Day Note

    Test Center Family, it’s hard to believe how much our world has changed in a few short months.  The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered our daily routines and affected every one of us, personally and professionally.  In the turmoil since March, one of the few things I’ve known for certain is that AFTC would stand up to this threat the way we always have, by leading our Air Force as we forge our Nation’s sword and shield.

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