Commander's Log: Onward!

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Christopher Azzano
  • Air Force Test Center

Team AFTC,

A year ago today, the Department of Defense initiated “lock-down” procedures in response to COVID-19.  For many of us, this action marked the official beginning of the pandemic.  Few imagined how the year might play out, with the worst public health crisis in a century, deeply concerning social discord, and a challenge to the foundation of our democracy.                                                                                             

A year later, AFTC has weathered some very difficult times, and we are emerging stronger than ever as we deliver Air, Space, and Cyber power for our Nation.  As we move boldly onward, I’d like to share a few thoughts in anticipation of a better year ahead.

First, the pandemic is not over.  Even as vaccines become widely available, we must still take precautions to protect each other, ever mindful of the threat of new forms of the virus.  Please continue to follow CDC guidelines for your own personal health and the health of those around you.  We will be advised when it’s safe to let our guard down.  Until then, fight’s on—we are beating this disease, thanks to you!

Second, this Nation is worth fighting and dying for because of the purity of our shared ideals.  Among them, that all people are created equal and enjoy the same privilege of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Please continue to promote a community where each of us and our families can achieve our full potential, regardless of who we are, where we come from, and which Constitutionally-protected beliefs we possess.  Boldly celebrate and defend diversity, liberty, and equality, and we will all be stronger.

Finally, as American Airmen, we take an oath to the Constitution of the United States.  We have sworn to protect its principles with our lives.  Extremism in all forms is a threat to that document, to American ideals, and to our way of life.  That way of life is a blessing many have sacrificed greatly to gain and preserve.  It is far from a birth right, and remains the envy of the world after 245 years.  Please participate actively in the DoD-directed stand-down day to help us achieve a common understanding of the threat of extremism.

As we emerge from a difficult year and look forward to a prosperous 2021, I know you’ll continue to be proud stewards of our vital mission, and care for each other as family.  The American Democracy is often called an “experiment”—a term of special significance to the Test community.  Keep our AFTC Enduring Principles in mind and do your part to make the American experiment an enduring success.  Our future is in your hands.

My sincere thanks to you and your families.  As always, it’s an honor to serve with you!