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Orange Flag is an all-domain, large force test series focused on advanced technology, kill web integration, and synergistic effects. Orange Flag test events focus on all-domain sensor/shooter/ communicator integration and identification and analysis of kill-web strengths and weaknesses with a data driven approach. Orange Flag also focuses on non-traditional survivability problems. Complex physical and spectrum environments ensure relevant data are collected. Orange Flag uses emerging data analysis and visualization techniques to make test data physically, logically, and analytically accessible to users in the tech, tactics, and operations communities.


2018 National Defense Strategy

“Deliver performance at the speed of relevance. Success no longer goes to the country that develops a new technology first, but rather to the one that better integrates it and adapts its way of fighting.“

AFI 99-103 6 APRIL 2017

“Air Force systems are expected to fully integrate with systems, activities, and products from all Services and National agencies. Capabilities-based testing requires a full understanding of joint operational concepts in order to develop test scenarios that will provide meaningful results.“


Orange Flag derives test objectives from three primary sources:

  • COCOM Technical Integration
  • Tactics Improvement Proposals (TIPs)
  • Participant Individual Objectives

Objectives are balanced to ensure COCOM needs are met while still allowing enough freedom for participants to achieve desired objectives.




The mission of Orange Flag is to enable next generation data-driven decisions at the engineering, tactical, and operational levels to bring night one combat capability to warfighters at the speed of relevance.


Orange Flag welcomes event participants from every service, all domains, any organization, and a full range of technical readiness. OF has hosted everything from early tech demos to operational test. Past and present participants include:

Land: Patriot, ATACMS, BC3, Special Operations Forces Tech, MOJO, IBCS EOC, Classified Systems

Cyber: Air-Enabled, Mobile, Telephony, Red Team, IPOE, OMS Gateway, Classified Capabilities

Air: B-1, B-2, E-2, E-3, EA-18, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-22, F-35, KC-10, KC-46, KC-135, RC-135, RQ-X, U-2, Various Test Beds, Classified Aircraft

Space: NRO, NIFE, GPS, Classified Capabilities


Orange Flag mission plans and executes using PlatformONE and Mattermost.

DOD users, Please go to this link to create a PlatformONE Single Sign-On (SSO) account. 

After creating your account, use this link to join the Orange Flag Mattermost Team. 

For all other inquiries, contact Orange Flag leadership.

Director: Maj D. Isaiah “Knots” Harp, 461 FLTS, Edwards AFB

Ops Director: Maj. Harrison "Havoc" Whiting, 411 FLTS, Edwards AFB