Commander's Log: Committed to Full-Spectrum Resilience

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Christopher Azzano
  • Air Force Test Center

Air Force Test Center Teammates,

Despite the challenges of 2020, AFTC is delivering for our Nation!  We’ve given the Air Force a tremendous opportunity to Accelerate Change with the standup of AFTC Detachment 1, the Multi-Domain Test Force.  We conducted the first selection board for the new Space Test Fundamentals course to begin January 2021 at our own Test Pilot School.  We closed out a chaotic fiscal year 2020, Forging our Nation’s Sword and Shield by executing over 700 test programs each day.  And we battled natural disasters and a pandemic, hosted the only Airshow in the Air Force this year, and kept our Airmen ready to fight.  Your resilience has been extraordinary, and your commitment nothing short of heroic.  Thank you!

Watching your determination this year has reminded me that resilience is a “full-spectrum” endeavor.  Not surprisingly, October’s AFMC Connect theme—Committed—struck a chord with me.  “Committed” is defined as dedication to self, others, and organizations, and the willingness to act.  That’s a simple but powerful framework—self, others, organization—one that’s worth some deliberate reflection.

Without question, you’ve demonstrated your commitment to our organization, as proven by the exciting developments in our Test community.  Yet success can mask the uncertainty of the environment in which we live and work, and some of us may be struggling to adapt and regain a sense of stability, even if we appear to be thriving on the surface.  Who hasn’t felt “pandemic fatigue” at some point this year?

With that in mind, please take time each day to assess your commitment to self, your personal resilience—mental, physical, social, and spiritual.  You’ve fought through many challenges in a dynamic and volatile environment, in particular the threat posed by COVID-19.  While each day may seem to bring new hurdles, you are prevailing and we need you in the fight!  That might mean asking for help—one of the greatest signs of strength.  You are not in this alone, and in some way each of you is inspiring others around you.  Think about it!

I also ask you to take stock of your efforts as an AFTC Wingman.  The best cure for stress may be to look outside our own lives and renew our commitment to others.  One such way is to show our fellow-Airmen that Dignity & Respect is much more than a bumper sticker.  Make a point each day to draw on our culture of mutual support—the culture that values every Airman and creates an environment where each of us can thrive, contribute, and reach our full potential.  We can’t control everything outside our gates, but we can set a noble standard for America to emulate.  Be that beacon!

If you believe AFMC is the most important MAJCOM to achieving the National Defense Strategy, then I know you’ll agree AFTC is leading that charge!  The boldest dreams for Air, Space, and Cyber become realities in AFTC.  They become real because of you, and we need each of you healthy, fulfilled, and focused.  Please keep striving for full-spectrum resilience with the determination and pioneering spirit you are known for, and with a Relentless Focus on the Warfighter.

As always, it’s an honor to serve with you!