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NO 6-MONTH WAIT! Recently retired and/or retiring from MILITARY service ARE eligible for immediate appointment for AFTC positions. The 180-day waiting period has been waived for AFTC to hire recently retired and/or retiring service members.
Candidates seeking other opportunities across AFTC, please CLICK HERE to apply with the AFTC DROPBOX. Share your occupational interests, location preferences and upload your resume. If a position that aligns with your skill-set and preferences becomes available, an AFTC Recruiter will reach out to confirm your interest in being considered.
  • Unit Business Specialist

    This is a NH-0301-02 located at the 412thTest Wing, 412th Maintenance Group, 912th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron/912 AMXS STAFF (MXA) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Munitions Element Supervisor

    This is a WS-6501-11 located at the 412th Test Wing, 412th Maintenance Group, 412th Maintenance Squadron/Munitions Flight (412 MXS/MXMW) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Administrative Assistant

    This is a NK-0303-02 located at the 412th Maintenance Group, 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron/T-38 Aircraft Maintenance Unit (412 AMXS/MXAC) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Production Controller (Aircraft)

    This is a NJ-1152-03 located at 412 Test Wing, 412 MXG/Maintenance Operations Center (412 MXG/MXOOC) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Airfield Management Shift Lead

    This is a Term NH-2150-02 located at the Operating Location Air Force Plant 42 (412 TW/OL-AFP 42) in Palmdale, CA.

  • IT Specialist

    This is a NH-2210-02T03 located at the 412Test Wing, 412th Test Engineering Group, 412th Range Squadron, Program Support Flight (412RANS/ENRP) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Electronics Technician

    This is a NJ-0856-03 located at the 412th Aircraft Instrumentation Test Squadron (MXIS) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

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