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NO 6-MONTH WAIT! Recently retired and/or retiring from MILITARY service ARE eligible for immediate appointment for AFTC positions. The 180-day waiting period has been waived for AFTC to hire recently retired and/or retiring service members.
  • Mission Planning Specialist

    This is a NH-301-03 located at the 775 Test Squadron, Mission Planning, Guidance, Navigation & Identification Flight (775 TS/ENVG) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, California.

  • Range Data Analyst

    This is a NH-0301-03 located at the 412th Range Squadron, 412th Range Operations Flight (412 RANS/ENRO) at Edwards AFB, California

  • Supervisory General Engineer

    This is a NH-0801-04 located at the 775 Test Support Squadron, (775 TS/ENVX) at Edwards AFB, in Edwards, CA.

  • IT Specialist (Network)

    These are (2) NH-2210-03s located at the 412 Test Wing, 412 Test Engineering Group (TENG), 412 Range Squadron Engineering (412 RANS/ENRE) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Deputy Comptroller

    This is a NH-0505-04 located at the 412th Test Wing, Comptroller Squadron (412 CPTS/DD) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, California.

  • Supervisory Engineer – Physical Scientist

    This is a NH-0819/1301-03 located at 412th Test Wing, 412th Civil Engineer Group, Environmental Management Division, Compliance Branch (412 CEG/CEVC) at Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA.

  • Engineering Technician (Aerospace)

    This is a NJ-0802-III located at the 412th Test Wing, 412th Test Engineering Group, 773 Test Squadron, Human Systems Integration Flight (773 TS/ENFH) at Edwards AFB in Edwads, CA.

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