• F-16s arrive to be modified for autonomous testing

    VENOM-AFT is designed and funded to accelerate testing of autonomy software on crewed and uncrewed aircraft. It complements the autonomy data and AI experimentation proving ground at Eglin AFB and informs the Collaborative Combat Aircraft program and other autonomy developers. 

  • At Altitude: Col. Tucker Hamilton

    Col. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton, 96th Operations Group commander at Eglin AFB and Air Force AI test and operations chief, discusses the current state of AI within the Air Force, ongoing research, development and testing and AI’s place in building the force of the future.

  • MagNav Project Successfully Demonstrates Real-Time Magnetic Navigation

    In a groundbreaking achievement, the Department of the Air Force-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (AIA) MagNav project performed real-time magnetic navigation on the C-17A Globemaster III in flight, becoming the first organization to successfully demonstrate

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