April 18, 2012: 12 Enlisted Airmen Graduated From the First USAF Test Pilot School Enlisted Flight Test Course

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

Twelve enlisted Airmen graduated from the first USAF Test Pilot School enlisted flight test course, a two-week course tailored to meet the needs of enlisted personnel and covering the basics of test management, flight sciences, and mission systems flight test.

In addition to its signature course, TPS offered a variety of short courses as well. These supported all level of DT&E within DoD and fulfilled other T&E training requirements as needed. TPS itself established eligibility requirements for short courses. MAJCOMs in turn selected individuals for short courses in accordance with eligibility and training needs. The TPS Commandant served as the final approval authority for all courses. New short courses for FY12 included the Enlisted Flight Test Course (EFTC) and the Cyber Systems Test Course.

During FY12 TPS launched its first course for enlisted flight test personnel. The Enlisted Flight Test Course (EFTC) curriculum focused on enhancing working relationships between the enlisted force and pilots, navigators, and flight test engineers trained at TPS. Given the ever-increasing complexity of contemporary flight test programs, TPS hoped to use EFTC to promote a common understanding of flight test language, processes, tools, objectives, and expected outcomes. The two-week course included overviews of test management, flight sciences, and mission systems; and culminated with a one-day test management project exercise. TPS personnel assessed class results through unit and commanding officer feedback following graduation on 18 April 2012.



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