April 1, 2015: 96th Test Wing Commander Led 1-Mile Walk in Support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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  • 96th Test Wing

The 96th Test Wing Commander Brig Gen Harris led a one-mile walk in support of sexual assault awareness month. Over 100 members of Team Eglin participated in the event.

The Air Force now publishes the results of cases involving significant sexual assault convictions on-line. Anyone can go to this website and review sexual assault convictions from across the Air Force. It is clear that many cases are very similar in that they involve: 1) alcohol, 2) the absence respect and 3) the absence of consent. The website shows that Airmen convicted of sexual assault were held accountable by military judges and court-martial panels with punishments that often include jail time, reductions in rank, loss of pay and punitive discharges.  Many of these cases involve Airmen assaulting other Airmen. Often, these victims were co-workers and friends - people who trusted their assailant. The offenders violated that trust and were punished accordingly. Many of these convicted Airmen must register as a sex offender when they return to their home state.

I encourage all Airmen to visit the website below and review the cases. My first priority is to ensure the safety and security of all Eglin personnel and their family members. Sexual assault is a problem we must solve together. Standards of professionalism dictate that each of us, regardless of rank, grade, or position, will strive to set the example of appropriate behavior, both on and off duty. I expect you to learn from and educate your fellow Airmen about the consequences of the criminal conduct highlighted on the website. When you see a situation that isn't right, be a good wingman; intervene appropriately and insist others are treated with respect.  Finally, anyone involved in the military justice process, including court-martial panel members, must use his or her own independent judgment in making tough decisions. I want to be clear that this independent judgment is to be used to decide each individual case on its particular facts, rather than on personal interests, career advancement or an effort to produce what is thought to be the outcome desired by senior officials - military or civilian. Cases involving allegations of sexual assault will be carefully investigated and reviewed to ensure any charges are based solely on the supporting evidence and nothing else.


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