March 25, 1958: Primary Mission of the Air Force Flight Test Center as “Aircraft Test and Rocket Engine Test”

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

Headquarters, Air Research and Development Command issued a directive that defined the primary mission areas of each of its Centers and facilitated the assignment of work projects among them. It also authorized direct communication between its Centers and other elements of the Air Force, Navy, Army and other government agencies. The directive redefined the primary mission of the Air Force Flight Test Center as “aircraft test and rocket engine test..”

Within the AAOC complex, centers have preeminent capabilities in particular technical areas.  Center missions define and assign these areas.  Assignment of a primary  mission area  to a center does not limit all work in that area to that center.  Sane portions of' the work in the mission area may be specifically assigned to other centers by Headquarters.  Center responsibility ties define the types of work which will be performed within primary mission area and assign certain other duties within the overall mission of the command..

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