December 9, 2003: B-1B Combined Test Force Evaluations

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  • 412th Test Wing

Release of two Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) from the forward bay, two Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOWs) from the middle bay, and two wind-controlled munitions dispensers (WCMD) from the aft bay of B‑1B s/n 85-0068 took place, in a Global Power Bomber Combined Test Force mission piloted by Lt Col Christopher S. Moss and Maj William Libby. The flight was intended to validate that the avionics flight software (AFS) could handle three different weapons and six different targets at one time. The releases were successful, but did not take place in the order planned: the two WCMD were released before the second JASSM.

More than 60 Team Edwards members gathered at South Base for an immersion tour of the 419th Flight Test Squadron and the Global Power Combined Test Force.  According to Combined Test Force director Lt. Col. Miles Middleton, the tour was part of the 412th Test Wing Strategic Action Plan for fiscal year 2017, to “Inspire our people through exposure to the flight test mission.”  “The intent is to get Airmen who are unaware of the base's overall mission out to Combined Test Forces and immerse them in what we do,” Middleton said.  The visitors were treated to a Combined Test Force mission brief along with an aircraft-specific mission brief and question-and-answer session planeside for all of the bombers in the CTF – the B-1B Lancer, B-2 Spirit and B-52 Stratofortress. While the tour groups visited each bomber, Middleton said his vision was that the impact would be much more profound “if we treat this as an immersion rather than just a tour of each jet."  Since the immersions are part of the Strategic Action Plan, Team Edwards members can anticipate future opportunities to visit and learn about other units. Currently, the next visit is planned for the 416th Flight Test Squadron on Team Edwards’ next training day, March 6.  

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