December 1, 1999: Edwards AFB Emergency Room Closes

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

Edwards Air Force Base emergency room closed permanently; from that date forward, a team of 10 paramedics responded to all emergency calls.  The Secretary of the Air Force approved the permanent closure of the Edwards AFB Emergency Room effective 1 December 1999. The 95th Medical Group planned to provide 24-hour access to doctors who would remain on call.  These paramedics had received their certification on 1 September 1999, following over 1,000 hours of intense training. In addition
to the 24-7 paramedic corps, doctors were available to field calls from patients during non-duty hours. To provide continuity during FY01, the Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command Surgeon General staff recommended that two civilian paramedic positions be established. Four emergency medical technicians (EMTs) were also added to allow a second person as a driver. By the end of the reporting period, the paramedic service was staffed by 12 active-duty Air Force personnel-eight paramedics and four emergency medical technicians-and two civilian paramedics.

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