November 27, 1990: Project HAVE TERRA International Testing

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  • Air Force Fight Test Center

The Air Force Flight Test Center deployed an F-15E and an F-16 to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, to perform Project HAVE TERRA testing in support of Operation Desert Storm.  In addition to 66.5 hours of HAVE TERRA testing dedicated to support Operation Desert Storm, the primary focus of the test force's activities focused on avionics software updates, and enhancements to the APG-63 and APG-70 radar systems, as well as extensive tests of the newmodel FllO-GE-129 and F100-PW-229 engines. It also completed two series of COMAT EDGE anti-pressure suit tests and had commenced integration testing of the AGM-131B Short-Range Attack Missile (or SRAM-T) prior to its cancellation by President Herbert W. Bush in September 1991.

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