November 9, 1954: South Base Water Tower's New Location

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

At the conclusion of a six-day trek, the 90-foot water tower was settled in its new location at the High Speed Test Track. The 200,000 gallon tank was constructed in 1940 and was the Air Force Flight Test Center’s oldest official structure. The airways beacon light from the top of the tower was relocated to the top of the west hangar.

A 160-foot water tower that once served as a landmark for Edwards Air Force Base was torn down last week in favor of a new, smaller water tank, making for an arresting image on social media.  Engineers and contractors gathered to watch an excavator tear down the South Base water tower, which had been used to supply water to restrooms and surrounding facilities for decades, according to information on the base website.  On Monday, the U.S. Air Force tweeted a picture of the demolition, asking followers to caption the tower mid-fall.  One Twitter user suggested: “Go home, water tower. You’re drunk.”  The new 5,000-gallon potable water tank was installed in the spring, and once it became operational, the South Base tank was drained, according to the Air Force article.  The old tank had been transporting water through a deteriorated water line. Officials said the new tank stands about 10 feet high, making routine maintenance safer while ensuring water will no longer be lost to leaks.  Air Force spokesman Kenji Thuloweit said the tower was currently being dismantled and was destined to become scrap metal.

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