October 4, 2002: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Testing

  • Published
  • Air Force Flight Test Center

A 452d Flight Test Squadron test team conducted a dual Global Hawk UAV ground test run, the first element in an accelerated Replace on Station (ROS) effort to demonstrate the ability of two UAVs to determine the feasibility of continuous round-the-clock airborne reconnaissance with only two air vehicles. The ASC Reconnaissance Systems Program Office requested the test acceleration, with two Global Hawks flying concurrently and sequentially to collect imagery while being controlled by one mission control element (MCE).

.The traditional high altitude long endurance UAV ground testing system (referred to as: testing system) not only lacks of universality and scalability, also incapable of handling faculties during flying procedure. In the paper, by using the new generation of automatic test system (New ATS), the flight simulation method, embedded technology and fault diagnosis technology, we are able to expand the testing system from ground to the sky, improving the generality of the system and UAV’s testing ability, also ensure the safety and reliability of the UAV flight at the same time

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