September 21, 1960: 6511th Test Group Parachute

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

The 6511th Test Group (Parachute) successfully air dropped a platform weighing 41,470 lbs from a C-130 at El Centro, the heaviest single weight ever dropped from an aircraft.

The mission of the 6511th Test Group was to perform development testing of human escape parachutes and aerodynamic NAVAL PARACHUTE FACILITY systems, supply and cargo aerial delivery systems, guided missile and re-entry The mission of the Naval Parachute vehicle parachute recovery systems, air facility was to conduct research, develop- craft deceleration parachutes, and aeroment, test and evaluation of parachutes dynamic retardation devices performing and related assemblies; pilot escape functions similar to those of parachutes; methods and systems; retardation and and to accomplish the design, procurement, recovery systems; and rescue, survival operations and maintenance of test equip and personnel-safety equipment as directed both the Chef Bureau of Naval confinement and facilities. The Group was responsible to the Chief of the Bureau of Naval for performing research and development testing for the U. S. Army. 

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