July 14, 1964: Test Pilot School Curriculum Evolution

  • Published
  • 95th Air Base Wing

Eighteen students participating in the Aerospace Research Pilot School class 63A inaugurated the first combined experimental test pilot course and aerospace research pilot course.

From Generals Jimmy Doolittle and Chuck Yeager to astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Gus Grissom, test pilots have been some of the most famous names in aviation. Experimental test pilots not only pilot aircraft in the testing stages but they also manage the research and testing programs.

he Aerospace Research Pilot School, course began around 1961 and was created as Phase II of the USAF Experimental Flight Test Pilot's School in order to train future US military space crews. With projects such as X-20 Dyna Soar and the MOL the USAF felt that the need for training engineers and pilots for flight test operations in spacecraft had come.

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