July 8, 2008: Dedication Ceremony Held at Century Park

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  • Edwards AFB Museum

A dedication ceremony presided over by Maj Gen David C. Eichhorn, Air Force Flight Test Center commander was held at Century Circle outside the West Gate to commemorate the turnover of the McDonnel Douglas YC‑15A recently moved there as part of a move to expand Century Circle. Speakers included General Eichhorn, Ms. Jean Chamberlin, Boeing Vice President and C‑17 Program Manager, and Lt Col James G. Hanley, 418th Fight Test Squadron commander, along with Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Director Fred Johnsen.

In response to an Air Force request for an advanced medium-to-short takeoff and landing transport, McDonnell Douglas built the prototype aircraft to replace the C-130 Hercules. The aircraft flew for the first time over Edwards on Aug. 26, 1975.  "It is a proud day at Edwards, where we bring onto the (Air Force Flight Test Center) museum the YC-15 that you see behind me," said Maj. Gen. David Eichhorn, Center commander. "Edwards has been the premier flight test center for the Air Force and has seen many momentous occasions. Receiving the YC-15 today is another momentous event."

The YC-15 marks the first step in an exciting plan to bring the Center museum outside the West Gate, where the general public can truly enjoy greater access to history, said Fred Johnsen, museum curator.  "In the future, imagine other airplanes growing around it," Mr. Johnsen said. "I am excited to see what the aircraft means to us and the future of the museum. Century Circle will be a key destination for residents and tourists in the Antelope Valley."  The aircraft was delivered to the base in May from the U.S. Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, Calif. Prior to the dedication ceremony, more than 50 volunteers spent more than 200 hours refurbishing the aircraft.

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