July 4, 2012: Electromagnetic Interference Tesitng

  • Published
  • F-22 Combined Test Force

On this day in TEST History, a number of F-22 Combined Test Force personnel supported the Air Force Seek Eagle Office’s data collection effort on electromagnetic interference and capability test

The Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Facility provides Electromagnetic Interference and electromagnetic compatability evaluation and certification testing of crew, flight and ground support equipment including: Communication, Instrumentation, Biomedical, Guidance and Navigation, Computation, and Robotics.

Some of the laboratory services include the following

  • Flight certification testing
  • Developmental, precertification and performance evaluation testing
  • Conducted and radiated emissions tests
  • Conducted and radiated susceptibility tests
  • Flight hardware and ground support equipment testing
  • Commercial off-the-shelf equipment testing
  • Software control of test parameters, data manipulation and reporting
  • Compliance to strict safety standards

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