July 1, 2001: Edwards Makes Great Strides in Energy Conservation

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  • Air Force Flight Test Center

On this day, the Air Force Flight Test Center achieved a 24.7 percent decrease in energy usage over 1985 levels.  

Team Edwards demonstrated its contribution to reducing the base's utility costs and the strain on the electrical grid system. 

Base leadership required immediate reduction in electricity usage. As part of this effort, leadership is implementing the following energy conservation ideas:

-- Set comfort thermostats to 78 degrees. 

-- Limit heavy appliance usage, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, toaster ovens, large copier projects and coffee pot brewing, to the morning and evening hours whenever possible. 

-- Use necessary lighting only. 

-- Use task lights and reduce office lighting. 

-- Ensure that lighting is turned off in unused spaces. 

-- Use daylight when possible. 

-- Verify that all exterior electrical lights are turned off. 

-- Minimize the number of computers used. 

-- Set all computers and copy machines to "energy saver" mode. 

-- Turn off all computers and copy machines that aren't being used. 

-- Turn off all unnecessary appliances and equipment. 

-- Turn off network printers if possible. 

-- Consolidate office refrigerators when possible. 

-- Implement any non-electrical cooling measures available. 

-- Draw blinds. 

-- Use evaporative coolers in lieu of air conditioners. 

-- When possible, consolidate space, such as office spaces, administration areas and common work areas.

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