Empowering Change: The Critical Role of Your Voice in the DEOCS Survey

  • Published
  • By Maximo Carbonell, IPRO Analyst, and Rosemarie Leon, IPRO Director
  • 412th Test Wing, Integrated Prevention and Resilience Office

As a military community, we strive for excellence not only in our mission but also in our work environment. One crucial tool that aids us in achieving this is the annual Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS). Every year service members and DOD employees can have their voices heard through their participation in the DEOCS. This tool provides you the opportunity to express your opinions about your work environment and speak to topics such as: equal opportunity, organizational effectiveness, sexual assault response and workplace culture. The survey questions are designed to gauge how your unit rates in protective factors and risk factors. Protective factors are attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors associated with positive outcomes (e.g., increased retention or reduced sexual harassment) for a unit or organization, whereas risk factors are attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors associated with negative outcomes (e.g., decreased retention or increased sexual harassment) for a unit or organization.

Your individual participation is very important because the collective information gathered highlights the areas where we as an organization thrive and the areas we can improve upon. The collective information empowers unit and organizational leaders to establish and implement strategic prevention plans representative of your concerns and strengths.  

This is only possible with your participation. Let’s look at three common reasons that keep people from participating.

1.  My response won’t make a difference. 

Every response is critical and contributes to identifying even small concerns that may go unnoticed across the Department of the Air Force. All responses are aggregated and can show patterns that need addressing and areas where we are exceptionally strong. We can only attain an accurate picture of our culture by attaining maximum participation.

2.  I am asked personal information such as my Department of Defense ID and e-mail. The survey isn’t anonymous.

Personal information is used to confirm eligibility to participate in the survey and prevent people from taking the surveys multiple times. Your leadership cannot see who has or has not taken the survey and all responses are kept confidential to the extent that the law permits. Under state and federal law, certain rare circumstances may require that confidentiality be broken— for example, if a participant written comments indicates that they are a threat to themself or others.

3.  The DEOCS is just another survey.

The DEOCS is a powerful tool for enacting real time change. For example, many units are implementing prevention and mitigation strategies based on your feedback. Now that is giving power to your voice!

Join your unit in supporting the 412 TW goal of 75% completion rate for the 2024-2025 DEOCS cycle. Use this tool to share your voice. Encourage your peers to participate as well. Together, we can drive meaningful change and foster a positive and supportive culture. 

Complete the DEOCS survey today and be a catalyst for positive change!