Latest AMRAAM variant completes final test firing

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The final test firing of the AIM-120D-3 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile from an F-16 Fighting Falcon took place recently on the Eglin Test and Training Range.

The final shot was one of several used to prove out the various air-to-air capabilities of the weapon on both Air Force and Navy aircraft. Over the course of the test program, the missile demonstrated the full range of its capabilities.

“Flight test of the new AIM-120D-3 demonstrated the missile’s hardware and software capability improvements,” said Col. Sean Bradley, Armament Directorate AMRAAM program manager. “I’m excited for our warfighters to have this newest variant of the AIM-120 missile in their arsenal.”

The AIM-120D-3 is the latest AMRAAM variant.  The missile’s design updates circuit card assemblies to address obsolescence under the Form, Fit, Function, Refresh program.

Completion of the live-fire event required close coordination between Team Eglin units and contractor personnel to ensure the aircraft, missile, airborne targets, and Eglin range safety and data collection systems were ready.

“The efforts of the combined test team led to the successful completion of test for one of the DoD’s most advanced air-to-air missiles,” said Maj. Brian Davis, 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron Air Dominance division chief. “Time and again this team demonstrated the benefit of live-fire testing and the strength platform integration brings to weapons testing in an operationally relevant environment.”