Unconscious Bias Training Requirement for Civilian Hiring Panel Members

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  • By Air Force Test Center Public Affairs
  • Air Force Test Center

Air Force Materiel Command Manpower, Personnel and Services released a memorandum June 1, 2023, implementing Unconscious Bias Training as a requirement for civilian hiring panel members AFMC wide. Unconscious bias training plays a crucial role in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion and Accessibility in various aspects of AFMC.

Unconscious bias can significantly impact a hiring panel's decision-making process and the overall outcome of hiring decisions.

These biases, which often stem from societal stereotypes and personal experiences, can unconsciously influence panel members' perceptions and evaluations of job candidates.

For example, if a panel member holds biases related to gender, race, age, or other protected characteristics, they may unintentionally favor or discriminate against certain candidates.

“We must be able to hire and promote the nation’s best talent and build a diverse and representative workforce through an open and fair process consistent with merit systems principles,” said Ron Turner, AFTC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Manager.

To mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in hiring, it is crucial to raise awareness among panel members and provide training on recognizing and challenging biases and focus on job-related criteria.

“Building a representative workforce includes appropriately identifying talent, using multiple means to announce vacancies, supporting a pipeline of new workforce members, mitigating bias in the promotion process, and addressing any potential barriers to accessing job opportunities,” said Turner.

By addressing unconscious bias, hiring panels can create a fairer and more inclusive hiring environment, leading to better representation and diversity within the workforce.

Initial training can be found in Education and Training Management System (ETMS) under the course code, CHQMGT0006000SU.

The course can be accessed https://myetms.wpafb.af.mil/myetmsasp/main.asp. For refresher training, panel members will utilize the Air Force Unconscious Bias Training via MyLearning.