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Edwards AFB Math Tutoring Club kicks off; volunteers needed

  • Published
  • By Katherine Franco
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Irving L. Branch Elementary School and Edwards Air Force Base, California, announced the launch of an afterschool Math Tutoring Club, Sept. 13.

Students, at all grade levels, are able to receive valuable help from volunteers, including subject-matter experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

“It's very important, studies show that most of the students are struggling with mathematics,” said Helida Vanhoy, 412th Test Wing STEM coordinator.

Vanhoy is currently looking for more volunteers and squadrons to participate in the Math Tutoring Club program. Volunteers could greatly impact students learning and help improve their math scores by providing a more personal approach.

“Many times, it is difficult as a teacher to get in as much one on one time with our students as we'd like, so being able to have volunteers willing to come and help our students is amazing,” said Julie Muniz, 5th grade teacher at Branch Elementary.

The tutoring sessions are not only for students, but parents as well, Vanhoy said. Learning has a better impact when parents learn math and teach their kids.

“I have parents that will come in with the student, and they’ll just sit with them and is great, because parents will now be able to tutor other kids and other family members,” Vanhoy said.

These skills are essential to have, as Vanhoy stated, "it's a Common Core State standard requirement."

Volunteers do not need to be experts at any kind of background, especially at the grade school levels. Higher-level math may require more advanced understanding however. Vanhoy explained that she is able to traing volunteers on concepts such as Common Core math.

“The mathematics seems harder to a lot of the parents that didn't learn Common Core when they were younger, as well as the kids that are trying to learn it,” Vanhoy said.

Muniz explained that volunteers can serve as mentors for students who need help with math. By understanding these skills, students also develop the confidence essential to learning and prepare for better challenges down the road.

“I know that anyone volunteering is going to be someone who has the best interest of our students in mind and their willingness to donate their time and knowledge makes them a true blessing to our community,” Muniz said.

Anyone interested in school volunteering opportunities may contact Helida Haro Vanhoy, 412th STEM coordinator, 661-275-9172.