Contracting team earns multiple AFTC awards

  • Published
  • By Jill Pickett

The work of the men and women of the Contracting team that supports Arnold Engineering Development Complex, known as AFTC/PZ Arnold, was recently recognized by the Air Force Test Center Contracting, or AFTC/PK, for fiscal year 2020 annual awards.

AFTC/PZ (Arnold) earned a total of seven awards, two team and five individual recognitions. This is the most AFTC/PZ (Arnold) annual awards earned by the organization in at least the last 15 years.

AEDC is staffed primarily by a contractor workforce. The leadership of AEDC relies on AFTC/PZ (Arnold) to ensure these contracts meet the needs of the Complex in order to fulfill a critical national defense mission.

“These awards represent tremendous effort by the dedicated, proficient and professional Contracting Team at Arnold and signify true mission-focused business leadership skills that AFTC/PZ Arnold provides to help make AEDC Second To None,” said Amy Foster, Director of Contracting.

The accomplishments highlighted in the award nominations include: streamlining an award fee process, helping devise the operationally urgent plan for the continuation of test operations in support of the National Defense Strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing contract writing capability throughout COVID-19 pandemic operations with zero downtime, acquiring test facility components to upgrade a hypersonic test capability, staying vigilant to ensure cyberattacks are thwarted, and helping facilitate donation of assets to support emergency responses in the local community.

The fiscal year 2020 AFTC/PK annual award winners from AFTC/PZ (Arnold) are:

  • Outstanding Systems Contracting Unit – Test Operation and Sustainment Team
  • Outstanding Enterprise Contracting Unit – Installation Contracting Arnold Team (PZI)
  • Outstanding Civilian in Systems (Non-Supervisory) – Edward E. Crenshaw
  • Outstanding Civilian in Systems (Supervisory) – Christopher M. Fanning
  • Outstanding Contracting Support Staff Award – Mitchell Gregg Howard
  • Outstanding Achievement in Contracting IT (Individual)  – Theresa H. Cates
  • Outstanding Quality Assurance Program Coordinator – Stacey M. Lamb