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Resume tips from an AFTC recruiter

  • Published
  • By Mr. Justin Anthony
  • Air Force Test Center Talent Acquisition

1) In addition to detailing your previous positions “Job Titles” in your work history, it is important to specify your exact roles and responsibilities in that position. It’s perfectly normal for a federal resume to exceed two pages.

2) Use federal job announcements as inspiration for drafting your resume.  How do the responsibilities mentioned relate to your work history?

3) It’s a good idea to have multiple resumes tailored for different positions.

4) Building a Federal resume is unique when compared to conventional resumes.  The link below has great information, that includes a video at the bottom, and a helpful resume builder: 

5) Following these tips will increase your odds with getting hired into an AFTC civilian position.


- Justin Anthony, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Air Force Test Center

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