Airman's NASCAR paint scheme design debuts

  • Published
  • By Samuel King Jr.

Four months ago, Tech. Sgt. Andrew Brockman, 96th Maintenance Group, won an Air Force Recruiting Service and Petty GMS-sponsored design contest.  The contest was to create a new paint scheme to be featured on one of the 2022 Air Force-sponsored NASCAR cars.  On April 24, Brockman saw his Air Force heritage-themed B-29 design come to life and race for the win at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. 

“We wanted to showcase the talent of our Airmen outside of their normal jobs and then let the NASCAR fans decide their favorite design,” said Master Sgt. Shawn Emmerling, Air Force Recruiting Service events marketing. “This paint design doesn’t just represent Air Force Recruiting, but it reflects the entire Air Force and our heritage.”

Brockman was awe struck when he and his group turned the corner of the garage area when the idea in his head became a reality right in front of him gleaming in the sun. 

"Walking around the garage and seeing the car for the first time while the engine was roaring was incredible," said Brockman.  "Then, when we were able to walk the car to the track and see it lined up and ready for battle is really when it became real."

As the contest winner, Brockman and his spouse, Valerie, toured the track and pit row, took a fast lap around the 2.66-mile track, met Erik Jones, driver of the #43 Air Force car, and watched the race from the Petty GMS pit box.

"Watching the 43 Chevy fly around the track as a top ten contender all day was beyond an amazing feeling," Brockman said. 

Jones and the Brockman’s Air Force paint scheme car led at various points during the race and was in front until the final lap and ultimately finished sixth during a wild finish.

"Coming into that final lap, we thought he had it in the bag," said Brockman of Jones and his car.  "I can only imagine he felt the same, but the speedway finish took over. Winners circle wasn’t in the cards but still a huge win for the Air Force." 

To read more about Brockman and his design, follow the link.