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Airfield Management Shift Lead

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  • Air Force Test Center

Come be a part of something big! Smart Minds, Cool Jobs, and Awesome Rewards! Fueled by innovation, talent and ambition, the Air Force Civilian Service is seeking civilian professionals prepared to deploy war-winning capabilities on behalf of the United States Air Force.

The Air Force Test Center (AFTC) is where tomorrows Air Force is tested! Long considered the “Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe”, AFTC is truly where Air Force superiority begins. Home to many Aerospace establishments and records, AFTC remains the state-of-the-art leader in Aerospace testing, and provides the warfighter with cutting-edge technology. AFTC does not only celebrate its past, but we continue to lead from the front. Join our team today and make Aerospace history!

The Air Force Test Center is looking for a Term, Full-Time Airfield Management Shift Lead (NH-2150-02) to work at the Operating Location Air Force Plant 42, (412 TW/OL-AFP 42) located in Palmdale, CA.

NO 6-MONTH WAIT! Recently retired and/or retiring from MILITARY service ARE eligible for immediate appointment for AFTC positions. The 180-day waiting period has been waived for AFTC to hire recently retired and/or retiring service members.

Full-time Air Force Civilian Service employees enjoy the below benefits, and more!
• Paid Time-Off:
o 11 Federal Holidays off per year
o Vacation time (Annual Leave) accumulates based on length of employment. Starts at 13 days (104 hours) per year and up to 26 days (208 hours) per year.
o 13 sick days per year (104 hours)
• Various Medical, Dental & Vision packages to choose from for entire family.
• Retirement:
o Pension: Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
o 401K: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) available with up to 5% agency matching.
• Flexible work schedules and shift work may be available (depends on position)
• Employee assistance Programs
• Health and Wellness resources
• Tuition Assistance & Professional Development opportunities
• Many career enhancement and promotion opportunities

To learn more about our benefits, check out the following link:

Telework Information:
• Eligible for situational telework only, including Emergency and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) prescribed “Unscheduled Telework.”

Travel Requirements:
• Up to 25% Travel possible

Temp/Term Statement:
• This position is a TERM position NOT to exceed 31 July 2026, but may be extended or develop into a permanent position.

This position has a typical 2024 salary range of $46,020 - $109,673 (includes locality).

Announcement Closes: 1 July 2024 11:59 pm (EST)

Position specific skills and experience desired in a potential candidate:
- Have completed Airfield Management 5 level or ability to obtain the 5 level within one year desired.
- Five years of experience as an Airfield Management Shift Lead or equivalent civilian experience desired.

To serve as an Airfield Management Specialist Shift lead that evaluates the day-to-day airfield management operations and maintains situational awareness of airfield activities and keeps the Airfield Manager informed of any conditions that may affect the safety of the airfield. Provides flight services to the aircrews when requested. This position also provides pilots with a variety of critical information for planning and conducting safe flight as requested.

Major Duties:
Duty 1: Evaluates day-to-day airfield operations to ensure safe, efficient, and effective use of airfield operations/services.
- Maintains situational awareness of airfield activities.
- Develops sound and safe recommendations.
- Develops dally briefing which consists of airfield status, (e.g., active runway, runway surface condition/runway condition reading, current Notices to Airman (NOTAM), Bird Watch condition, etc.).
- Notifies all personnel who need to know of any airfield construction, Navigational Aids status, Aircraft rescue and firefighting capability.
- Reports status on equipment (e.g., phones, UHF/VHF radios, vehicles, etc).
- Notifies the appropriate parties of personnel working on the airfield (grass mowers, snow and ice removal operations, contractors, etc.).
- Works with the airfield manager to develop aircraft taxi plans as needed.
- Independently works on specified segments of large air operations projects or well-defined projects of a lesser scope involving airfield operations.
- Provides briefings to base and transient aircrew on relevant airfield operations and restrictions.
- Interprets or adapts available guidelines, procedures, and Instructions, etc.
- Resolves conflicts in the guidelines.
- Ensures advice is consistent with airfield operations program policies and objectives.
Duty 2: Inspects and/or checks the airfield for flying safety hazards to Include compliance with airfield criteria, aircraft foreign object damage and bird aircraft strike hazards (BASH).
- Conducts several daily airfield checks that Include Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Inspections, re-opening runway after in-flight emergencies and performing BASH responses.
- Inspects/checks focus on condition of runways, taxiways, aprons, operational status of airfield support facilities (airfield lighting, navigational aids, weather equipment, etc.) and obstacles that are violations to airfield standards.
- Conducts an airfield check prior to the start of flight operations and after each in-right/ground emergency and when weather conditions warrant, for example, after thunderstorms checks for lightning strikes and for debris.
- Conducts airfield checks to determine runway surface conditions (RSC) and runway condition readings (RCR).
- Checks night lights every night at least once and more often if lights malfunction or other conditions warrant more checks.
- Advises the Airfield Manager on status of the airfield.
- Reports results to air traffic control agencies and base flying units.
- Ensures comprehensive airfield inspection Is completed dally to include pavements, fighting, markings and obstructions.
- Initiates action to eliminate violations to airfield criteria, imposes airfield restrictions as required, tracks status of violations.
- Declares bird watch conditions based on observations of bird activity or information received from airborne aircraft, air traffic control or other base personnel.
- Disperses wildlife from the airfield using appropriate equipment to avoid conditions that are hazardous to aircraft operations.
- Submits and ensures publication of NOTAMs pertaining to airfield.
- Initiates, revises, and cancels NOTAMs on airfield support facilities and air traffic services.
- Advises pilots, air traffic control facilities and other on/off base agencies.
Duty 3: Responds to aircraft emergencies, accidents, and Incidents on the airfield.
- Determines the need and has the authority for closing a runway, taxiway, or any other part of the airfield movement area when a hazardous condition is evident.
- Provides accurate and timely coordination with support agencies for In-flight and ground emergency Information.
- Coordinates special services and handling for flights with distinguished visitors, medical evacuation, or hazardous cargo requirements.
- Initiates emergency action checklists for the following: severe weather warnings, overdue aircraft search and rescue procedures, In-flight/ground emergencies, natural disasters, etc.
- Monitors receipt, review, dissemination, and disposition of incoming NOTAMs.
- Coordinates all changes with appropriate parties (ICAO, Federal Aviation Administration [FAA), Approach/Departure Controls and military/FAA Control towers).
- Manages Flight Information Publications (FLIP) account consisting of flying charts, en-route procedures, terminal procedures publications, flight Information handbooks and applicable aeronautical publications.
- Reviews FLIPS for technical accuracy and submits corrections and changes.
- Assists In establishing, reviewing, and enforcing local flying rules and directives for airfield local airspace.
- Briefs transient aircrew on noise abatement procedures at the airfield.
- Analyzes, reviews and processes requests for Prior Permission Required (PPR), quiet hours or Official Business Only (OBO) and determines if request will be granted and processed.
- Briefs aircrew on applicable recalculations and necessary procedures required for flights.
- Maintains Air Crash, Search and Rescue Map.
- Issues NOTAM In case of failure.

- U.S. Citizenship
- Obtain & maintain Security clearance.
- This is a designated Drug Testing Position.
- Have completed Airfield Management 7 level or ability to obtain the 7 level within one year.
- Must be able to pass a pre-employment physical.
1. Knowledge of DoD, Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, International Civil Aviation Organization rules, and other applicable laws, regulations, instructions, and directives, as they pertain to airfield management, airfield criteria, air traffic control, and aircraft operations.
2. Knowledge of safety and security regulations, practices, and procedures.
3. Ability to analyze, plan, and adjust work operations to meet program requirements and objectives within available resources, and to mentor, motivate, and appraise the staff of an organization.
4. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
5. Ability to identify, analyze, and translate complex information, make appropriate judgments, and evaluate options concerning airfield operations and maintenance.

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